On this occasion, I will talk about an interesting event at my school that is Edu Passion School. This event is very useful for us all. Why is that? because this event is very helpful for students to establish the goal he wants to go to school where as what is needed and others. In addition, not only the university booths but many also available food stands are very interesting hearts such as fries, various other beverages and much more. I am happy to follow our event, because it makes us think more for the future like what we want? and this event is very influential and brings the positive side.
        There I saw many enthusiastic students at the sight of the many school booths they had dreamed of ever since, they asked actively to all the booths there, not only did they get brochures on the university and there were some booths doing the games and it was so fun. Me and my friends were very happy with the Edu Passion School event, because this event is very us…

Inspiring People


Background and Life Stories B.J Habibie Who is not familiar with Islamic scholars in this modern century, humans are smart, genius and perhaps among the 130 million inhabitants of Indonesia. A wide range of exact sciences, social sciences, politics and aeronik has been overrun, though in academic or otodidaks. Journey life BJ Habibie is life lessons of a successful ground water scientists in the eyes of the world is not just a fictional or a real engineering instead of reality and facts. Therefore, in this section we shall know who BJ. Habibie? How did he get the resounding accomplishment in the eyes of the world? Factors underlying the success he did both in Indonesia as well as foreign country?
Bj. Habibie was born in Pare-Pare on the province of Ujung Pandang on June 25, 1936 by Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie's full name, son Alwi Abdul Jalil Habibie and r. a. Tuti Marini Puspowardojo, he was the fourth child of eight children, since childhood he has been building begron a …